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Whiskey Bravo's mission is to teach students the importance of our military through service projects, lessons, and other initiatives. Throughout our nation, many students are unaware of the issues our military and their families face every day. Whiskey Bravo Student Clubs bring a new perspective and teach students more about the military.



    We strive to be the one working to get “stuff” done! We aren’t here to ask others to do things for us. We don’t ask how we can help, we simply do it. It forces us to think of the best approach to complete a task: as efficiently and effectively as possible.
    We believe that kindness is the foundation to a functioning team. We treat everyone with the overly intentional kindness one would treat a grandparent. We go above and beyond to present our best selves. We expect from our members the extreme generosity and empathy of a grandma.
    We recognize that we can never repay those who’ve sacrificed so much, but we can always try. It’s a call to action to continue to support our nation's veterans, active duty, and their families. Doing good is something we strive toward, not something we are. ‘Never Enough’ is a rallying cry to continue innovating and also recognize there is always room to improve.
  • Does Whiskey Bravo support specific politicians or political parties?
    We are a non-political organization. We believe supporting the military must be a-political. Politicians pick where to send the military, these men and women answer a call to serve their country regardless of who is in office.
  • I want to start a club but it doesn’t follow your guidelines?
    Reachout anyway. We have some flexibility and want to see how we can assist you in supporting your community.
  • Does Whiskey Bravo work to recruit students to join the military?
    We believe in service in all of its forms (military or not). We have no aspect of recruiting students to join the military. We have had WB students go on to Service Academies & ROTC Programs, but this is because of their own interest. Of course, we are grateful for all who answer the call to serve our country.
  • Do you have programs for students not yet in High School?
    We are currently piloting Whiskey Bravo Jr. which offers programs to students in grades K-8. The curriculum includes letter writing activities, speakers, and pre-made lesson plans. If your school is interested in joining the pilot program and gaining access to resources email us at
  • Is there any requirement for School Contributions? Do clubs need to pay dues?
    No, clubs are 100% free to schools. Certain events may require school equipment, resources, or small financial backing. We do our best to be upfront about these costs and there is no requirement to participate.


Amazingly Woven, presented by Carry The Load, tells the story of the creation of Whiskey Bravo. Watch the full 24 min film or the 3 min trailer below.
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