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We are living in an unprecedented time. COVID-19 threatens us not only physically, but economically. A brave few are being asked to put their lives on the line to protect us, while we are being asked only to stay home. We can do more!

Whiskey Bravo’s HEROES program is a way to support local restaurants while honoring the courageous men and women on the front lines of fighting this disease. New York City specifically is on the brink of losing a vibrant restaurant industry. Donations to this site will be used to purchase and deliver meals from local restaurants to healthcare workers, and first responders. We hope that the meals will show our support and gratitude to these brave men and women while providing essential funds to neighborhood restaurants, so they can pay their employees and contribute to the local economy.
We have focused on FDNY EMS stations. These stations are operating at levels far beyond anything they could of imagined with a workforce that has already been decemented due to infections from COVID-19. Calls to 911 are reaching new records every day and estimates show that over 25% of these heroes are already infected. The brave few who are able to continue working, courageously run forward into danger and put themselves at risk to save others. Paramedics and EMTs are working shifts that last up to 16 hours, sometimes without any break. Coming back to a hot meal after a long hard day provides some comfort, but knowing that the citizens of New York stand with them, that we appreciate their sacrifice, fuels them to keep going.  


Flattening the Curve Update:

t’s been an incredible 5 weeks. With your generosity, Whiskey Bravo has sent over 700 meals to nearly 30 different EMS stations across almost all five boroughs (sorry Staten Island, you’re next!). Special thanks to those of you who have given multiple times. I wish that you could hear the emotion and gratitude of these heroes when they receive our dinners and realize the community appreciates them. On Friday, we delivered more delicious meals from John’s Deli to Station 57 in Bed Stuy. On Sunday, we delivered mouth-watering sandwiches from Sergimmo Salumeria to Station 7 in Chelsea. This week, we lost twenty-three-year-old EMT, John Mondello, after just 3 months on the job. Our hearts go out to his family. We are eternally grateful for his service to the people of New York and to all those that put themselves in harm’s way.

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