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The number of deployed U.S. Military service members is in the hundreds of thousands and sometimes in the millions. These are men and women serving their country in foreign lands, putting themselves in harm’s way to protect all of us. We appreciate their hard work and the sacrifices that they make every day. They are true heroes.

The families of these dedicated service members are also making sacrifices. The children of deployed military parents are forced to say goodbye to their parents for long periods of time. They don’t have their dad around to help with homework or their mom to take them to their soccer game. They are missing someone in the audience at their school play or just to kiss them goodnight. They also must live with the constant fear that their mom or dad will get hurt or worse.

It is time that we all come together and thank these children for their enormous sacrifices. They are heroic like their parents and they give up so much in service of our country.  Although we realize we could never repay them for all they have given to our great nation, we are trying to give them a small token of our gratitude and hopefully put a  smile on their faces. It is for this reason we have created Project Thank You.


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