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Our nation’s veterans have sacrificed years of their lives to serve, and cannot be left behind in the rapidly changing world of technology when they return. Skills in computer programming and technologies are required for many jobs in today’s market. Our service members have learned vital skills in their military service, and we must ensure that they are up to date in the latest coding and programming technologies. Veterans have strong problem solving abilities that they can put to use in a new career with new challenges. By teaming up with Code School by Pluralsight, we've created a program that allows veterans to capitalize on their training and learn highly marketable skills in the growing technology industry.


"Your kind gift will help us further develop our computer skills, I'm eager to start working and learning more about programing. When our instructor told us of the opportunity to learn programming in a fun and interactive way I pounced all over the prospect. You and other people like you have brought us so much happiness and the support that we need during this period of

- Program Recipient & Injured Veteran

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